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Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian massage

Using forearms and long strokes, you feel the rhythm of the ocean, which allows your body to disengage from the mind.

*All modalities included as needed, unless requested otherwise*

Deep Tissue

Firm Pressure

Essential to affect the sub-layer muscles and fascia, you will gain range of motion and relief from pain.

Table Massage

Chair massage is provided for fully clothed clients, great for work settings, public settings and at private events. By offering seated massage, you show your employees and/or guests that you appreciate them! This hosted opportunity will boost your group's enthusiasm and team morale! Benefits of onsite massage therapy  include reduced stress and anxiety, as well as increased blood circulation and alertness. People who receive regular massage have a lesser chance of experiencing injury and depression while improving their immune system and overall health.

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  **Travel Fees based on location**​

30min~$40 / 45min~$50 / 1hr~$70 / 90min~$100

House Appointments

Onsite Massage Therapy

Mobile Mass​euse 


​relaxation massage

​Slow, calming techniques are used to manipulate the soft tissues, promoting blood flow and healing to take place.